iPad Display Stands

iPad Display Stands

We live in an age of technology, so it’s not surprising that you might want to integrate an iPad into your display for greater interactivity. The good news is that Displays Direct offers iPad display stands to meet this need.

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When you purchase one of our iPad stands, rest assured that you will also receive a custom branded high resolution digital graphic. This is stretched tightly over the stand’s frame, ensuring that everything underneath the counter (such as those pesky charging cables) are hidden from view.

Device Protection

As iPads are expensive devices, it makes sense that you would want to protect it from accidental damage and theft. The good news is that our stands feature a beveled housing that the iPad slips snugly into.

Accompanying Carry Case

To ensure that the stand is easy to transport, it comes with a soft moulded case that it folds up neatly into when not in use. The padding inside the case protects the stand from damage during transit.


What generation iPads can the stand house?

Our stands have been designed to house the current iPad model (regular size) and the iPad Air.

Can I connect speakers for sound?

Yes, it is completely possible to have sound when using our iPad display stands in Sydney – in fact, they come with an integrated speaker. This can allow for greater interactivity, as well as attract passersby to your booth (they will hear the sound and come closer to investigate).

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