Brochure Stands

Brochure Stands

To ensure passersby take notice of your marketing material and pick it up, it needs to look attractive. The brochure stands in Sydney supplied by Displays Direct achieve this effortlessly and are the perfect finishing touch to any booth.

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All of the brochure display stands in our extensive range can be used in a variety of environments, including: exhibition, corporate, museum and retail just to name a few. Regardless of your environment or industry, if you have marketing material to hand out we’re sure to have the best solution.

Maximum Organisation

When using a single flat surface to display your marketing material, it’s easy for them to become confused and mixed together. Our brochure display systems can be used to separate different pamphlets and brochures for easy access.

Many Configurations

Our brochure display holders are available in a variety of configurations to ensure that you can display as much or as little material as you desire. We have single and double sided options, as well as A4 and A3 pockets.


How many pockets will I get?

The answer to this question will ultimately depend on the type of stand and the configuration you have selected. Our Innovative stand, for example, offers 10 A4 pockets whilst our Standex stand offers 6 A4 or A3 pockets. If you’re having trouble deciding, please contact our helpful team.

What is my marketing material isn’t all the same size?

We recommend investing in a brochure holder in Sydney with pockets large enough to accommodate the largest size of material you’re likely to hand out. Smaller pamphlets and brochures can be slotted in 2 or more across if needed. Alternatively, our Aero D3 stand offers differing pocket sizes.

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