Why Exhibition Display Stands Are Great For Branding

When you’re presenting at a tradeshow, a conference or some other type of event, you might be focused on marketing a particular product or service to the people in attendance. Even if this is your goal, you should also be focused on raising brand awareness for your business. Exhibition display stands can be fantastic for this, as they are designed to complement your branding.

Brand experience is of crucial importance when it comes to a display stand’s design, particularly if your target audience falls into a younger demographic (as, to them, experiences can be much more important than the product or service itself). Why are some brands strong and appealing whilst others don’t arouse any feelings at all? Brand experience is what makes the difference.

There are a number of ways that stands can be branded, including:

  • Business Name – Whether your target audience have encountered your business before or this is the first time, you need to ensure that your name has been splashed all over the display.
  • Logos – Include your business logo somewhere on the display (whether it is somewhere along the bottom or takes pride of place doesn’t matter) to help familiarise your target audience with it.
  • Colours – Ensure that you have used the same colour palette that is used elsewhere by your business (such as in your logo and on other marketing material) to create a sense of continuity.
  • Fonts – Using the same (or similar) fonts across your stands can help to create a sense of continuity. It’s a small detail, but one that may stick in the subconscious of your target audience.
  • Messages – If there is a tagline, message or even an image that your business regularly uses, it should also be included on your displays so that your target audience can instantly recognise it.

No matter how many different display components you have decided to use, they should have consistent branding across the board. As well as preventing your booth from appearing cluttered and unorganised, this will go a long way towards cementing your business in the minds of all who encounter it – a must for ensuring your long-term success.

The whole point of branding is so that people recognise you when they encounter your business or even just your products and/or services in the future. If they have a positive preconceived idea of you, they will be more likely to use you again or even for the first time. If the look of your exhibition display stands is all over the place, you’re not going to provide the necessary experience.