How To Choose The Right Brochure Display Holder For Your Booth

Knowing what brochure display holder is going to best meet your needs can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve never invested in one of these stands before and it’s all new to you. To ensure that you make the best possible choice in holder and that your booth is a real knockout, we have shared some questions to keep in mind during the selection process.

  • What material will best suit my brand?
    People don’t often consider what material the stand has been built from, but it’s actually important for two reasons – branding and functionality. The kind of material used can communicate a lot about your brand (eg glass says sophistication and brushed metal says modern), but it must also be able to withstand the weight you intend to put on it.
  • What is the stand going to hold?
    You already know that it’s going to be used to display brochures, but you need to determine what sort they are and how big (or small) they are. Are they single sheets of paper or a thick booklet? Are they small enough to fit into your pocket or are they A3? The answers to these questions will help to ensure that you select appropriate pockets.
  • Where is the stand going to be placed?
    You already know that you’re using it in a booth, but you need to determine exactly where in the booth it’s going to be placed. Will it be placed against the wall, in the centre of the space (meaning it is accessible from either side), in a corner, at the front of the booth (where passersby will have easy access to it) or somewhere else entirely?
  • How easy is the stand to assemble?
    Ease of assembly (and disassembly) is an important factor to consider when choosing a brochure display stand. Some are incredibly easy to set up and should only take a few minutes, whereas others are much more difficult and can take hours. You should also consider whether you can set up the holder on your own or whether you need assistance.
  • How easy is the stand to transport?
    As the holder is designed to be portable (meaning that you can take it between events), you need to ensure that it’s going to be easily transportable. The best way to achieve this is with a carry case, which all of our stands come with as standard. You will be able to pack the display up into the case and place it into your car with ease.

The answers to these questions can help you to select a brochure display holder that meets your needs and fits into your designated booth perfectly. It’s important that you are armed with all the facts prior to making a final decision, as this will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes (such as purchasing a stand that is too wide, too tall or not large enough for your brochures).