Cheap Exhibition Stands Are Adaptable To Many Different Situations

Although they look fantastic and are effective in grabbing the attention of your target audience, many businesses steer clear of cheap exhibition stands because they don’t think they can justify the cost for a single event (as even those that are considered “affordable” can cost a pretty penny). The great thing about these stands, however, is that all of the components are completely reusable and are adaptable to many different situations.

  • Exhibitions & Tradeshows
    Each year, you will find that a number of exhibitions and tradeshows are held specifically to showcase businesses within your industry (and sometimes your specific niche). With hundreds of people passing through the doors, this is a great way to get your products and services out in the public eye and gives you the opportunity to connect with prospects.
  • Seminars & Conferences
    Similarly, a number of seminars and conferences may be held each year to showcase businesses within your industry. Instead of targeting the general public, however, these are geared towards others operating in the same industry and gives them the opportunity to learn and improve their skills. If you are hosting or speaking at such an event, you will get a booth.
  • Product Launches
    From internal events designed to inform employees about new products to full blown launch parties to create buzz about a product’s release, these events are most popular in business to consumer companies. Use your cheap exhibition stand to display information about the new product or even to display prototypes that attendees can touch and use.
  • Network Events
    Similar to exhibitions and seminars but on a much smaller scale, network events are a way to get clients, employees and others within your industry to meet in one place. The idea is to establish work relationships and get your brand out there. Depending on the size of the event, it is often possible to have a stand set up to make brochures easily available.
  • Charity Functions
    These days, many businesses like to support a couple of charities in order to give back to the community. This often means that a handful of representatives are invited to attend charity functions throughout the year and you may even be invited to speak at some of them. In some cases, you can have a stand on display to let attendees know who you are.
  • Milestone Celebrations
    These sorts of events provide a business with the opportunity to celebrate a milestone or anniversary and can vary greatly in the way they are executed. Although they can be limited to employees only, if you have expanded the event to include clients and/or the local community, it can be an idea to have a stand somewhere to share information about you.

We hope that the suggestions we’ve outlined above have given you a better idea of the different situations that cheap exhibition stands could be suited to and that you now see them as being more of an investment into your brand presence rather than an unnecessary, one-off cost. Even if you have opted for a more affordable option, it is essential that you take great care in the design of the stand to ensure it will see you well into the future.